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meet the founders


If we were to describe Jonas' lifestyle in one word, busy would be an understatement. He's an iron man, an entrepreneur and a father in one. Juggling those roles takes exceptional self-discipline, is exhausting and can take a toll on one's mental health.

To Jonas, CBD is a sustainable solution for maintaining inner balance and physical wellbeing. It speeds up physical recovery after training, supports restful sleep and sharpens focus in his busy routine.


Darius discovered and adopted CBD as a natural solution for daily pain relief and high-quality sleep. Due to a joint disorder that causes chronic pain, his alternatives were scarce from day one, forming a short list of painkillers and sleeping pills to be taken at regular intervals.

Eager to pull himself and millions of others out of a never-ending cycle of pain medication, he started a search for a better solution. This path led him to CBD – a natural source of pain relief and relaxation.


High quality CBD Oils for daily balance and

Our Mission

Pledging to deliver top-quality CBD products on a global scale, the Nordic Nutris team grew exponentially. Today, we work with well-established local scientists who use their knowledge and skill to craft high quality CBD formulas for everyday use. Combining cannabidiol with bioactive ingredients from the Nordic region, we offer a range of quality products designed for modern needs.


In our journey, we received significant support and investment from the EU funds. It allowed us to focus on our mission, so we opened a modern laboratory, joining forces with well-known Lithuanian researchers. Today, we work only with top-quality hemp biomass. Our CBD products are notified by the pharmaceutical regulatory authorities in Lithuania and the EU. They are made to support you in your challenges, whatever they might be: sharpen your focus at work, elevate the quality of your night's sleep, stabilize your mood, or bring some relief on a stressful day. From us to you, Nordic Nutris CBD products are here to help you lead a high-quality life.