Melatonin. How to get started?

A lot of people are finding it difficult to fall asleep at the moment as drowning out the noise of an upside-down world can make it tricky to relax and achieve restful sleep. In respect to this matter,

“Almost every single patient I’m speaking with has insomnia,“  remarked Dry Avian—who is serving as a professor/vice-chairman in Neurology Department & holds position as Director – UCLA Sleep Disorders Center

“Especially now with Covid-19, we have an epidemic of insomnia. We call it Covid-somnia.”

Both children and adults are experiencing increased anxiety which is affecting their ability to fall asleep furthermore adhering to the requirements of staying indoors has brought about a drastic change in our way of life. People are staying inside their homes more frequently these days which could potentially lead towards lack of proper sunlight exposure.

“Without light exposure in the morning,” Dr. Avidan said, people “lose the circadian cues that are so fundamentally important in setting up appropriate and normal sleep-wake time.”

Improving restfulness without resorting to medical interventions is possible by practicing nonmedical methods such as meditation or disconnecting from electronic devices before bed, and in addition, taking warm showers and keeping sleeping quarters at a comfortable temperature could also aid with falling asleep. Suppose these methods are unsuccessful or if you need something more potent to address your concerns, in that case, incorporating melatonin supplements into your routine would be worth thinking about. Given their wide availability and popularity at pharmacies across the board, chances are high that you may have heard of these pills.

Gather information about the strengths and weaknesses of taking melatonin supplements as a solution for difficulties with sleeping.

What's melatonin?

One function of melatonin hormone is regulating sleep timing and the synchronization between melatonin release and sunlight variation is regulated by a tiny pineal gland nested in your brain. The activity of a gland which remains inactive throughout daylight hours switches on roughly at 9 pm according to a study conducted by The National Sleep Foundation and melatonin release can last up to 12 hours when there is lack of light.

Reducing alertness and lowering core body temperature are the actions performed by Melatonin in signaling our bodies about sleeping time without inducing it directly, and it operates alongside your body’s internal clock to notify you of optimal times for resting and awakening.

To start feeling sleepy and have a quality sleep on time, we need Melatonin which is also referred to as the hormone of darkness by Dr. Avian. It is possible to see the situation in a reversal.

Over-the-counter melatonin

Synthetic melatonin supplements are easily accessible without prescription, and it is commonly accepted that these do not pose any risk and are non-addictive. Dr Avian believes melatonin supplements are helpful for many people as he stated, "Most probably it aids under most circumstances".

However, he cautions, melatonin’s success depends on three things:

  • When you take it.
  • How much you take.
  • When consuming it is advised to adhere to only consuming what is written as a recommended dosage.

The optimal solution for two kinds of temporary sleep problems is to use these particular items.

When experiencing a circadian rhythm disorder such as jet lag or sleep disturbances resulting from working shifts, using melatonin supplements may help as melatonin supplementation provides a signal to the brain that it's time for winding down of the body as well as nighttime when employed in such cases.

Dr Band Koala who is an associate professor in Psychiatry and Psychology highly recommends using low doses of melatonin during such scenarios. Consulting with a doctor is recommended in case of any doubts or concerns relating to your health.

When faced with issues such as insomnia or difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep, it is common to turn towards melatonin supplements for a solution, as consuming them prior to going to bed can start taking effect sooner for sleep induced by Melatonin Supplements, as according to Dr. People who consumed melatonin supplements fell asleep quicker by seven minutes and enhanced the length of their overall sleep cycle by 8 mins based on one study published at LOS One, so sleep quality as a whole was found to have been enhanced by the researchers.

If you're experiencing difficulty regulating your sleep schedule, experts suggest taking 0.5 milligrams two or three hours before bedtime. A useful solution for those suffering from symptoms of insomnia could be taking five milligrams of medicine half an hour prior to their bedtime in order to improve their ability to fall asleep.

The advice from Dr Salas indicates the preference for lower dosages since she holds the position of an associate professor in neurology and nursing, but variability might be observed as no prescription was given for this medicine.

As stated by Dr Koala, the majority of people start using melatonin supplements on their own accord instead of seeking expert advice. Before incorporating melatonin supplements into your routine it's always best to seek advice from a doctor—It can be detrimental for people who have serious health concerns such as pregnancy and liver/renal failure so consulting with one's physician beforehand is of utmost importance.

Melatonin supplements may lead to the development of dizziness and headaches, but although there may be some daytime sleepiness when consuming melatonin infrequently according to Dr X. Kolla yet he assures us that it is secure, so The Mayo Clinic advises avoiding driving or operating machinery for at least 5 hours after consuming melatonin due to its tendency to cause drowsiness during the day.

Most sleep medications come with their own set of problems like addiction issues or hangover feelings whereas Melatonin being different from others doesn't form habits while also not producing any such after-effects.

Make sure you are getting what the label says

Don't forget to check for credibility of the supplier before purchasing Melatonin, but the responsibility of regulating supplements does not lie with FDA. The manufacturer's recommended dosage seems to be your basis of trust

Dietary supplements are frequently found to have a varying level of melatonin than stated on their labels according to a study conducted by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine in 2017 despite there being a range of up to 465 percent in melatonin levels from identical batches. 

When there is no monitoring by the government it becomes difficult to confirm if melatonin levels advertised on a package are correct, but if you see a GLP or GMP label on the product that would mean its good laboratory practice according to Dr. Kolla. Both types of labels are mandated under federal law to guarantee a product's labelling accurately reflects its quality and purity.  He suggests that this imparts a degree of assurance in getting close to what is printed on the label. So you have to thoroughly evaluate manufacturer and seller, they should have quality standards in place. 




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