Gift Card Terms & Conditions

  1. By purchasing a Nordic Nutris gift card, the Buyer agrees to these gift card terms & conditions. 
  2. This is digital only gift card.
  3. Before buying gift card please first learn about shipping rules here
  4. The buyer undertakes responsibility to inform the person to whom the gift card was purchased and transferred to (from now on called Gift Card Holder) about gift card terms, conditions and rules.
  5. The gift card entitles Gift Card Holder to the amount that is specified in the gift card.
  6. The gift card is valid for all products that are available at
  7. If the purchase amount exceeds the value of the gift card, the resulting difference can be paid via available payment options.
  8. If the Gift Card Holder purchases products for a lower amount than specified in the gift card, the remaining amount will not be returned to the Gift Card Holder.
  9. The gift card is valid for 6 (six) months from the day of its purchase.
  10. The expiry date of the Gift card is not indicated on the Gift card so the Buyer must inform Gift Card Holder about the time the gift card was purchased.
  11. After the expiration date, the gift card cannot be extended for an additional period.
  12. If the gift card has not been used within its validity period, it is considered no longer valid, products are not available to be purchased and money is not refunded.
  13. In the event of digital gift card deletion (in example, email wit gift card gets deleted) and/or its printed version compromised, and as a result it is not possible to restore or identify the gift card code, and it is not possible to pay for the order with the gift card, such gift card cannot be replaced and no money are returned.