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- Granted and approved by EU authorities
- Made in one of the greenest regions in Europe
- Designed to support different routines and lifestyles
- Formulated by established researchers with an innovative flair
- Crafted using high quality ingredients that match ISO standards

What consists Nordic Nutris starter pack?

Enjoy deeper sleep

Feeling tired after a full night of sleep? It's the quality that matters.
Our SLEEP CBD OIL is formulated to ease your body and mind, contributing to a higher quality of sleep to help you wake up well-rested and ready for a new day.

Stabilize your mood

Feeling under the weather for no reason? Don't let it ruin your day.
Our MOOD CBD OIL is designed to support emotional stability by helping you set a positive and condifent tone for the day ahead.

Relieve your body

Feeling tired after a long day? Give your body the rest it deserves.
Our RELIEF CBD OIL is carefully designed to help you feel more in sync with your body, allowing it to regain strength and support you in your busy routine.

Sharpen your focus

Feeling drained and unmotivated? It's time to conquer that to-do list!
Our DAILY BOOST CBD OIL is expertly crafted to boost motivation and productivity, allowing you better control of the day ahead.

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Rest and physical endurance are essential for an active person. I'm always looking for ways to improve both. Products with cannabinoids are perfect for this. Relief and Sleep are the perfect combinations to help balance a dynamic life.

Ramune Miliauskaite @ramunemiliauskaite 17k followers

Athlete, Lithuanian cross fit champion

I am a Biohacking enthusiast. Sustainability is essential in building a business, and sustainability requires health and vitality. I have known about cannabinoids for a long time and interest in them is growing worldwide. What I like most about Nordic Nutris is the quality of the product, which is why I am a regular customer.

Dmitrij Borisenka

Enterpreneur, Co-Founder @ Coingate

In my sport, discipline is the most critical component. All results can be achieved through discipline. Food, sleep, and sports are basic things that must be balanced. With the help of Nordic Nutris, my sleep balance is excellent. I feel more rested and refreshed and have more energy.

Lukas Smagurauskas @insane_lukas 55k followers

Athlete, body builder

Rest is a very important component when traveling and living an active life. After discovering cannabinoids and Nordic Nutris products, I get much higher quality of rest and sleep.

Orijus Gasanovas @orijusg 181k followers


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